R E N T  A  S P A C E

Rent a space or organize a private event


Rex Events rents the Bio Rex cinema together with its foyers as well as Lasipalatsi square for corporate and private events.

Bio Rex’s foyers and cinema auditorium create a functional package for a variety of events. Your event can also include a visit to the current exhibition at the art museum Amos Rex. All catering for the event can be ordered through Restaurant Lasipalatsi.


Enquiries related to events at Bio Rex and Lasipalatsi square:

Production and account manager Marjo Sahi
[email protected]
+358 50 466 2370


Spaces to rent


Foyers at Bio Rex

The unique foyer spaces at Bio Rex are available for corporate and private rental. You can organise a dashing gala or seated dinner in the foyers. The spaces are also suitable for different presentations and smaller seminars.


For example parties, galas, launches, cocktail events, presentations, seminars


Inner foyer, foyer 1
seated dinner 130 ppl.
standing event 350 ppl.
seminar/meeting 150 ppl.

Outer foyer, foyer 2
seated dinner 110 ppl.
standing event 150 ppl.
seminar/meeting 100 ppl.

In addition there is a terrace for 100 ppl.

Technical equipment

Light fixed sound system. Optional mobile sound-, light- and projection technology.





Bio Rex cinema auditorium

The impressive Bio Rex cinema is technically well equipped and has rising auditorium seating. The architecturally unique, open and bright foyers at Bio Rex can be rented for private or corporate use with or without the auditorium. The Bio Rex auditorium is very well suited for organising seminars, training events and meetings, and from a technical point of view it is also perfectly suitable for film screenings.


For example seminars, meetings, concerts, film screenings


550 ppl. In addition to the auditorium seating there are separate loges at the back of the theatre for two and four ppl.

Technical equipment

Versatile lighting- and presentation technology, large silver screen, sound system suitable for speech and film screenings.



Lasipalatsi square

Windy and desolate even if you have a larger number of participants? Not at Lasipalatsi square. The cosiest square in the city can be rented for open events for just a few hours or for several days. The square can be rented also in smaller parts, if you for example need a promotional spot. Please observe that the square is undergoing a larger renovation which is estimated to be completed in the summer of 2023.

The space

The rental space comprises 1300 m2 in total. The square also hosts two terrace areas, a
chimney and five cupolas adorned with concrete slabs. The rentable part of the square is
empty, without event technology, structures, or furnishings.

Technical equipment

Several main switchboards (power current), water supply